Meet 8-year-old Mabou Loiseau not only the cutest thing you’ve ever seen, but she speaks 8 languages. French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Mandarian, Haitian Creole and she knows sign language. 

She’s also studying college level Algebra, plays 8 instruments, and sings. 

Haitian Excellence. Black Excellence.

Human excellence.

I’m sorry, did I take being black away from her by saying she’s an example of human excellence? If so, I apologize, because that is clearly not my intention.

Yes, she is an example of black excellence, no denying that. she is also an example of excellence for the entire human race as well.

But you have to understand that the statement Haitian Excellence. Black Excellence. wasn’t about the entire human race, and it shouldn’t have to have been. It was about uplifting a specific minority group that applied to the young girl’s own identity, a minority group that has suffered from a colossal inferiority complex imposed on them for centuries. When someone chooses to point out something astounding about a person of color and nurture it with praise, such as the expression “black excellence”, it is to say that ‘Although the odds have been against us as a people, these two words stand as a beacon of light to prove that we aren’t worthless like history has shown us. We can be smart, and beautiful, and capable. We can achieve excellence without it having to be in spite of our race.’

It is important that all minorities are uplifted for who they are, for what makes them different but just as worthy as everyone else, and not for how they’re like everybody else by being apart of ‘the human race.’ Our differences are important and deserve to be recognized without it having to be replaced, erased, or demonized.

First of all, thank you for answering as I was actually seeking an answer. And thank you for putting it so beautifully into words. I appreciate it.
I did not intend to take away from it uplifting any minority groups and I agree, it is important for all minorities to be uplifted for who they are in hopes of one day being able to achieve excellence without it having to be in spite of race.
In fact, my goal by adding ‘Human Excellence’ was exactly that. It was to say that she achieved excellence. Period. but I do understand how it can easily be misconstrued.
I am truly beyond impressed with this child. She is in every way an example of black excellence and I did not mean to put a damper on this celebratory post.

No worries. The exchange brought about some necessary dialogue, and that’s just as important. And yes, I now understand your intention—which is a great message within itself—but that shines a light on one of the major issue minorities have. We don’t want our identities to be erased, but we also don’t want our identities to be looked at as so anomalous that we’re seen as a completely different species of people (or that we’re exotic animals, even.) Black models should just be considered models, black actors should just be considered actors, black doctors and scientists and billionaires should just be considered scientists, and doctors, and billionaires. But if we ever achieve that level playing field it’s important that it’s not because we’re being accepted as someone or something other than who/what we are in order to be regarded as regular human beings.


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